My name is Henning Piezunka. I am from Heidelberg, Germany. I am an Assistant Professor at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.


My research is on intermediaries, competition, and innovation. I study these in the contexts of video games, user suggestions, and Formula 1.  Most of my work is done through quantitative methods. My committee members are Riitta Katila, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Chuck Eesley and David Krackhardt. More information on my Academic CV, my ResearchGate Profile, and my Google Scholar Profile. Funny story, the following list can be used to find an article to read not just to count them. 


I teach the class on New Business Ventures in the INSEAD MBA program. I like teaching it a lot. It is about how to transform an idea into a business.
Generally, I’ve led classes at the undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D. and executive educational levels. I’ve also been involved with initiatives for online education.  



Before joining INSEAD, I attended the University of Mannheim (Germany), the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (France), the London School of Economics (UK) and Stanford University (US). I also co-founded a web design company in 1998 that serves clients in more than 60 countries (including the German Chambers of Commerce and the Federal Ministry for the Environment) and employs more than 25 people full time ( I do team sports like cycling (road and mountain bike) and long distance running (half and full marathon). Here are some photos


I have collected  job market advice on how to be a good PhD student and to succeed on the job market. If you are pre PhD wondering if a PhD in management is a good idea for you and how to apply, you should read the great discussion by Abhishek Nagaraj (Link). 

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